Thambiluvil Central College

Thambiluvil Central College TCC, formerly known as Thambiluvil Madhya Maha Vidyalayam) is a recently upgraded National school in Thambiluvil, Sri Lanka. TCC is the main school in Thirukkovil Educatioaln Zone with nearly 60 academic staff and approximately 1500 students.


Modern Education was introduced to the inhabitants of Thambiluvil region in latter 19th century by Methodist missionaries. There was a Methodist Boys school (which still functions as “Thambiluvil Saraswathi Vidyalayam”) started in Thambiluvil village in 1877 while a Girls school (known as Thambiluvil Kalaimagal Vidyalayam nowadays) was started in 1979. The girls school with 73 students was considered as the primitive girls school in former Batticaloa District.

Saivite Revivalism aroused on early 19th century in the British Ceylon, lead the people to conduct the education based on native religion against Christian missionary schools. Mr.A.Nadarasa, a noble man of Thambiluvil, started a Saivite school in front of Thambiluvil Sri Kannaki amman temple premises at 1944. In 1945, one Saivite and two Methodist schools operated in Thambiluvil village were undertook by British Government of Ceylon and Saivite school was displaced to the Methodist Girls School premises with the name of “Junior School”. Year One to Five were taught at Girls and Boys schools and whoever wish to continue their studies till Year Eight were allowed to carry on it in Junior School. After the Independence of Ceylon, the Junior school was renamed as “Maha Vidyalayam” in 1958 and relocated once more to its current premises and grew quickly and got its leading position.

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