St. John’s College Panadura

St. John’s College Panadura was one of the schools with a glittering past in Sri Lanka, founded, managed and guided by the able hands of Mr. Cyril Jansz snr: and his wife Mrs. Amelia Jansz. The institution was St.john’s College and the school embodied in one, where eminent personalities were born and bred for mother Lanka during thar passage of time

S. John’s College and schools consisted of the Rove school the Girl’s school and the college. This was the only institution where co-education persisted in the small town of panadura during that era.

The girl’s school was started by Mrs. Amelia Jansz in the Verandah of her house in 1885 with Miss Joslin Dias and Miss. Caroline Dias as the very first pupils. This class of two was the nucleus around which Mrs. Jansz built the magnificent Girl’s school of today, through persistent efficiency and utmost dedication, while Mr. Jansz was the Hester of the Boy’s school. This very school that started from humble beginning now stands as a monument to the hard work undergone by Mrs. Amelia Jansz.

St. john’s Girls’ school which as a great tower of strength specially in the field of education is the highest testimony  at present for that great work undergone in the past by the dedicated labor of Mr. Cyril Arnold Jansz and his wife Amelia Jansz who are founders of this school.

The modest beginning of the class of two grew in numbers. It was accommodated in a temporary building close to Mrs. Jansz’s house Due to her time restrictions to cope up with her growing family, she appointed Miss. Emma Lyford as the first Head-mistress of the school. Later the Girls school was housed at Madakumbura two thatched roofed buildings with low walls and sand floors. Miss. Lyford’s role as Head-mistress was succeeded by another. Miss a Flamer Caldera the Girl’s school was very well organized and and adequately staffed with old girls, finally resulting in carrying the torch of learning to all parts of the isle and even beyond the seas. Today the Girls’ school stands with the head held high and the students can proudly announce that “we are Johnians, you have taught us the motto” “Nihil Amantic Difficile which means nothing is difficult to the enthusiasts when future historians commence to write about St. John’s college and schools, the name of the Girls’ School will be written in sparkling letters of gold.

Miss A. flamer Caldera was succeeded by miss. J. Bett, as the Head-mistress of the Girls’ school. During this time this the Girls’ school moved in to a permanent and more spacious building. During her tenure there as a wide range of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities. A student was given every opportunity to discover her aptitudes. Education with a practical bias, pre-vocational training and vocational guidance were in operation in the educational system at St. John’s College and schools. The 1st Panadura Company of Girls’ guides was formed by Miss. J. Bett.

In 1928nthe Girls’ school had many changers. Miss Eleanor jansz has succeeded Miss. J. Bett as the Head-mistress. Then in succession of Miss Eleanor Jansz Miss. E. Solomons was appointed the Head-mistress of the Giris’ school. Thereafter when Miss. E. Solomons assumed duties at Newstead Collage Negombo, Mrs. L. G. Loos was appointed as the Head-mistress of the Girls’ school. The new Head-mistress while paying due attention to the academic side of the education, followed a vigorous policy to improve the extra-curricular activities. A girl guide Company was formed, games were re-organized the Literary Association and the dramatic circle became more active. Mrs. J. G. Loos who made a very efficient and popular Head-mistress of the Girls’ school left to become the principal of Methodist College. Colombo. Her era of eight years as the Head-mistress was a period of great progress in the Girls’ school.

In 1943 Mrs. Hubert J. De Silva assumed duties as the Head-mistress of the Girls’ school. Mrs De Silva a tireless worker, devoted equal attention to studies and games. She had the school operating in the way she wanted. These were the time of rapid changes in the educational policy of the Government when free education was introduced. St. John’s was the only school in panadura that opted to remain as a private fee-levying school.

Address St Johns Girls School, Cyril Jansz Road, Panadura
Telephone 038 22 402 39

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