St. Benedict’s College, Colombo

St. Benedict’s College  is a Catholic school located in Kotahena area of Colombo, Sri Lanka. This school was founded in 1865 and is managed by De La Salle Brothers. The school is considered as one of the leading schools in Sri Lanka and also the oldest catholic schools in the island, with a history of over 150 years.


St. Benedict’s College the oldest Roman Catholic school in Sri Lanka, was inaugurated in 1865 by the Benedictine Monks. The school consisted of few classrooms and a small staff at first. In 1868, the De La Salle Brothers took over the administration of the College. Since then the school has been headed by many Brothers who belonged to the La Sallian Community.

The past Directors of the College include Bro. Austin Anthony, Bro. Glastian Oliver, Bro. Alban Patrick, Bro. Athanace Charles, Bro. Osmund Gregory,Bro.Granvil and Bro. Anselm Calixtus.


Around 2800 students gain education in 13 Grades under a qualified, talented and experienced Staff unit.

The Primary section, which is located apart from the College, educates those that enter the school during the initial years. Around 1000 pupils are handled by a staff of 60 teachers. The Primary section consists of classrooms, Library, Computer Laboratory, Music Hall and an Arts room. In addition the Primary students are given opportunities in taking part in Cub-Scouting, Sports such as Cricket, Basketball and Swimming and Western and Eastern bands.

The College Section consists of Grades 6-13. There are also 2 Computer Laboratories, a Library, Music, Dancing and Arts rooms, Physics, Biology and Chemistry Laboratories and a Lecture Hall.

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