St. Aloysius College

St. Aloysius’ College is a boys’ high school located in Galle, the capital city of Southern Province in Sri Lanka. The school was established in 1895 by recently arrived Belgian Jesuit missionaries, led by fr:Joseph Van Reeth, first bishop of Galle. St. Aloysius’ College is a national school, which provides primary and secondary education. In 2012, it had 4,000 students on its roll.


St. Aloysius’ College is situated on Mount Calvery, neighbouring St. Mary’s Cathedral on one side and Sacred Heart Convent on the other. The college was established in 1895 by Belgian Jesuit fathers and was named after the Jesuit Saint, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (born on 9 March 1568). Saint Aloysius’ is regarded as the ‘Patron Saint of the Youth’ by the Jesuits because of the heroic acts that he had performed when he was a young Jesuit helping Plague victims in Rome, Italy in 1587. After a few years helping plague victims, young Saint Aloysius died on 21 June 1591 at the age of 23 when he himself contracted the disease. St. Aloysius’ College, Galle, is one of many schools named after Saint Aloysius.

Until the Sri Lankan government brought legislation for nationalisation of schools in the island (with an exception of only a few schools), St. Aloysius’ College was run by Jesuit Fathers and the medium of instruction was English. The first Buddhist Principal was appointed in the year 1971 and subsequently the medium of instruction was changed to Sinhala.

College Crest’s Elements

Center:IHS – Iesus Hominum Salvator(“Jesus Savior of Mankind”)
1.Elephant – Represents Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
2.Lilies – Purity of conscience
3.Torch – Torch of learning
4.Rooster – Symbol of Galle

College Houses

Students represent five houses that are named after Jesuit Fathers who were pioneers in developing the school in its early days. Students are divided into houses according to their admission number.

  •     -Cooreman
  •     -Murphy
  •     -Neut
  •     -Standaert
  •     -Vanreeth


Sports is a major part of St. Aloysius’ College. Cricket, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Hockey and Swimming are some of the sports among over 20 sports in College. Among all of them Rugby takes a vital role as it is having a long way of history starting from 1980’s.As a foot step of that, with the motto ‘‘ Born with the Stuff ’’ Rugby was introduced at St. Aloysius’ in latter part of 1980’s. The first historic match was played in 1992 against Richmond College. Taking center stage of the annual sporting calendar are the St. Aloysius’ – Richmond Rugby Encounter. Other sports played at St.Aloysius include;

Clubs and societies

List of Clubs and Associations of Saint Aloysius College:

  • Board of Prefects
  • Army Cadet Platoon N.C.C
  • Cadet Band Platoon N.C.C
  • Navy Cadet Platoon N.C.C
  • 4th Galle Aloysius’ Scout Group
  • St.John Ambulance First Aid Cadet
  • Interact Club
  • Art Society
  • Islam Society
  • Buddhist Society
  • Commerce Society
  • Computer Society
  • Robotics Club
  • English Literary Association
  • Environment Society
  • Drug Prevention Unit
  • Mass Media Unit
  • Oriental Music Group
  • Photographic Art Society
  • Science Society
  • IT Society
  • Sinhala oratory and debating society
  • English Debating Society
  • Sinhala Literary Association
  • Western Music Band
  • General knowledge society
  • New Inventor’s Society
  • Catholic students association
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Principals

    Main Hall
    Period Details
    1910 – 1921 Rev. Fr. Dionysius Murphy S.J
    1921 – 1925 Rev. Fr. John Delaney S.J
    1925 – 1949 Rev. Fr. Ernest Gaspard S.J
    1949 – 1962 Rev. Fr. Paul N. Peiris S.J
    1963 – 1968 Rev. Fr. Caspersz S.J
    1968 – 1970 Rev. Fr. Stephen Fernando S.J (Acting)
    1970 – 1971 Rev. Fr. Caspersz S.J
    13 June 1971 – 1 April 1972 B. K. Silva
    1 April 1972 – 28 February 1973 Dunstan Fernando
    28 February 1973 – 3 August 1973 J. B. Varnakulasingham (Acting)
    3 August 1973 – 22 December 1975 L. D. P. Jayasinghe
    22 December 1975 – 25 May 1976 A. B. J. L. Fernando (Acting)
    25 May 1976 – 7 January 1987 D. Y. Wijewickrama
    7 January 1987 – 1996 A. V. Illeperuma
    1996 – 2004 N. K. Ariyawansa
    2004 –2004 Nandasena Pathirana (Acting)
    2004 – 2014 D. P. L. S. Gunasekara
    2014 – 2014 Piyasiri (Acting)
    2014 – 2017 October Ranjith Thilakarathne
    2017 – 2017 L.P.Weeraman(Acting)

    Old Boys’ Associations

    There are a number of branches of the school’s Old Boys’ Association located all around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Qatar and the United Kingdom.

    Notable alumni

    Name Notability Reference
    Sarachchandra, EdiriweeraEdiriweera Sarachchandra playwright, novelist, poet and literary critic
    Ponnamperuma, CyrilCyril Ponnamperuma Scientist (Molecular Evolution) in Exobiology Division at NASA’s Ames Research Center
    Alles, R. I. T.R. I. T. Alles educationist, founder of D. S. Senanayake College (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
    Jayawardena, N. U.N. U. Jayawardena economist, Governor of the Central Bank of Ceylon (1953–1954)
    Alles, A. C.A. C. Alles Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka (1964–1974)
    Kottegoda, ShanthaShantha Kottegoda General – Commander of the Army (2004–2005)
    Gamage, LalithLalith Gamage President – Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
    Wikramanayake, GihanGihan Wikramanayake Director, University of Colombo School of Computing
    Harischandra, D. V. J.D. V. J. Harischandra consultant psychiatrist, author, buddhist scholar
    Amarasiri, Matarage SirisenaMatarage Sirisena Amarasiri Chief Minister of Southern Province (1998–1993), Governor of Uva (1999–2003)
    Weerakkody, ChandimaChandima Weerakkody Member of Parliament (Galle) (2009–present)
    Santha, SunilSunil Santha musician, composer, singer, lyricist
    Denipitiya, PatrickPatrick Denipitiya songwriter, composer, music arranger, instrumentalist
    Jayaweera, DilithDilith Jayaweera Chairman – George Steuart Group, Director – Citrus Leisure PLC, Managing Director – Triad (Pvt) Ltd
    de Silva, ChathurangaChathuranga de Silva One Day International cricket player (2014)
    Vithana, HarshaHarsha Vithana First class cricket player
    de Silva, Mohan P.Mohan P. de Silva Member of Parliament (Galle) (2010–present)
    Abeygunawardana, AsokaAsoka Abeygunawardana Chairman & CEO of Strategic Enterprise Management Agency at Presidential Secretariat,Sri Lanka

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