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Musaeus College, founded in 1891, owes its beginning to the piety and selfless dedication of Mrs. Marie Musaeus Higgins, its founder Principal, and to the generosity of Mr. Peter de Abrew, the first Manager.

Established in 1891 with very meagre resources in a humble, mud-walled, lowly thatched hut with one teacher and twelve pupils, the school has progressively grown in size and reputation over the years. Today, Musaeus College has evolved into one of the country’s most dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking academic institutions, achieving the distinction of being the premier Buddhist Girls’ College in Sri Lanka.

The school possesses imposing and spacious buildings in a land of 4 ½ acres, in pleasant surroundings. It is situated in Cinnamon Gardens and is approached from Rosmead Place, which extends up to Barnes Place.

The religious atmosphere and the cultural and educational standards maintained from its inception has earned for Musaeus a name recognized and respected by all, and especially by the Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

The school at present has an enrolment of over 6,700 students and a well-qualified staff of over 300 teachers.

Aim of the School

Carrying forward the noble cause of our founders, Musaeus College is run by a Trust Board as a non-profit education institution for educating the young Sinhala Buddhist women in Sri Lanka.

The intellectual formation of our students is a core value of the College. In keeping with our strong academic tradition, we provide a curriculum to the highest academic standards. The College’s extensive academic facilities are continually updated. This enables us to offer a wide ranging and balanced curriculum which is relevant to the context in which our students live.

The school seeks to give a good general education in accordance with the national education policy of the Government. In the higher grades in particular, provision is made for courses of instruction suitable for those intending to continue their education at a University or other institutes of Higher Learning, and for those intending to become professions.

Musaeus College looks for academic achievement and future promise of each of its student. However, it is not the only thing, which we look for. A well-balanced, all-round education to develop a total and wholesome personality is our aim. Our students involve themselves in all spheres of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

While maintaining good discipline and fostering Buddhist traditions among the students are some of the topmost priorities at Musaeus, many a programmes on social responsibility and community welfare is frequently implemented aiming for the students to develop a sensitivity to work towards the reawakening of national unity, good will and peace.

Address : No 58, Rosmead Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.
Telephone (General) : 0094-011-2695048 / 0094-011-2686532
Fax (General) : 0094-011-2671809
Administrative Secretary : 0094-011-2696285
E-mail :,
The Registrar :

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