Methodist Girls’ High School, Point Pedro

The Methodist Girls’ High School, one of the most esteemed academic institutions, situated opposite the wave –striking elegant coast of Point Pedro in the Jaffna peninsula the brain domain of Sri Lanka harmonizes well, with its motto “Onward Upward Towards The Light”. The school with its ever shining flame of educational brilliance and records holds a great history of 185long years full of marked events of fame. This school initially prospered under the patronage of foreign missionaries for 125 years and since 1950 it has been nurtured by the management of native principals into its present coveted status.

The Wesleyen Missionary that visited Sri Lanka proposed the establishment of this school and it was founded through the great initiative of Rev. Thomas Squancr in the year of 1823AD. In the early stage, the school started as a primary school had only male children to receive education.

In 1875, owing to the massive efforts of the priest Rev.W.R.Vincent and his wife, it was upgraded as a school with boarding facilities for female students, with the addition of a new building block. This event was a turning point in female education. It’s notable that the school with one hall and three classrooms only in the beginning grew up gradually with classes from Grade 3 to Grade 8. The priests were the managers of this school then. English ladies, Miss Pestos, Miss Nistale, Miss Peterswals and Miss Rues Shamp served as the principals of the school until the 19th century.\

AddressAB21, Point Pedro
Phone: 021 2 263020

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