Kalutara Balika National School

The Kalutara Balika National School is a Buddhist girls’ school in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. It was known as Kaluatara Balika Vidyalaya before it became a National school on March 9, 1998.


Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya, as per the Education Ministry classification, is an IAB category National school. An IAB category school has classes from Grade 1 (or at least Grade 5) up to Grade 13. It must also have an Advanced Level Science stream. A National school is managed by the Ministry of Education, as opposed to Provincial schools, which are managed by provincial authorities. Being a government school, Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya follows government educational policy.


With over 3000 students, 112 teachers and another 10 supportive staff, Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya has decentralized administrative requirements for smooth management. The Principal, with assistance from the Vice-Principal, manages the entire school through delegation of powers to different sectional heads – A Deputy Principal for the Primary (Grade 1 – 5) section, a Deputy Principal for the Middle-school (Grade 6 – 9), an Assistant Principal for Grade 10 and 11, and another Deputy Principal for Grade 12 and 13. Assistant Principals are also appointed to handle other specific areas – namely: Co-curricular activities, finance, infrastructure and academic affairs.

Class Structure

Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya has classes from Grade 1 to Grade 13. There are 69 nos. of classes and each grade has 5 classes. All grades conduct classes in Sinhala medium only. The Advanced Level classes in Art streams were started in 1968. The school has expanded over the years and presently Advance Level classes are conducted in Bio-Science, Physical Science, Commerce and Arts. Since the trend is to learn French and English language in advanced level classes, school is planning to start languages in Advanced Level for the benefit of the students.


Admission of students to Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya is at 3 levels. Nearly 200 children are selected for admission at the Grade 1 level. Selections to be made strictly in terms of circular issued by the Ministry of Education.

The next level of admission is at Grade 6. About 25 Sinhala medium students are selected on the basis of the year 5 Bursaries and Placement Examination. Students hail from all corners of the island; hence it is the schools responsibility to provide accommodation for at least some of them.

The third and final level of admission is at Grade 12. A small number of students are admitted depending on the number of vacancies based on their O Level results, sports and other achievements. Priority is also given to students who do not have A Level facilities in their current schools.


Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya boasts of an impressive infrastructure spanning over 4 acres. In addition to several long standing structural features, several new buildings have been added to the Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya list of facilities. A complete Information Technology Centre is the latest integral in the balika facilities of 2 science laboratories, auditoriumand the like. Several new buildings have merged into the distinctively impressive architectural skyline of the Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya.

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