Gateway College

Gateway opens its doors to children at 2 ½ years, providing an opportunity for them to develop from Play Group up to ALs and beyondin a purpose built campus environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The children grow through a holistic all-round learning ethos supported by a team of qualified and well experienced teachers and educators.

In academics, Gateway College continues to achieve unparalleled success with many students securing High Achiever Awards and World prizes every year, at the Edexcel Awards ceremonies, every year. Gateway has also excelled in sports, drama, co-curricular activities and community service winning many accolades for outstanding achievements.

Every child has the opportunity to receive a truly world class education in a disciplined, spiritual and morally uplifting school environment upholding Sri Lankan values and the diversity of our culture. This makes Gateway College a unique learning experience.


Gateway College was established in 1997 in a converted house with 33 students and 8 members in the tutorial staff. In January 2005, the school decided to change from Gateway International School to Gateway College signaling a new era in the history of the school and in the International School System of Education in Sri Lanka.

In 2013, a decision was made to change the school motto from ‘Gateway to Knowledge’ to ‘Gateway to Learning’. The decision that was taken after much thought, signifies our vision in educating our children as we believe that the one skill that will be required for the future, is the skill of being able to learn.

Provision of learning of the highest global standards while retaining the culture of the land was the raison d’etre for the establishment of Gateway College. Gateway proudly proclaims that it is an international school in a Sri Lankan environment. The school has taken meaningful initiatives to inculcate in the minds of children, be they Sri Lankan or of other Nationalities, a sense of belonging and love for their Motherland and respect for its customs, norms and values.

Students engage themselves in daily religious observances and a variety of religious, charitable and social service activities throughout the year. All Gateway students are exhorted to pay obeisance to their parents daily according to the customs of the community they belong to. The student teacher relationship in the school is essentially friendly and the management style is firm, friendly and fair.


Founded by Mr. R. I. T. Alles, a renowned Educationist, with over five decades of service in education, both in the public and private sectors, the organisation has progressed at great speed guided by sound principles, values, and love.

Being a teacher of Royal College, Colombo, then, the Founder Principal of D.S.Senanayake College, Colombo, and finally the State Secretary of Education overlooking all schools in the island, late Mr. Alles brought in a wealth of experience to this establishment. Further, his initial training in Cambridge and the subsequent exposure by way of a scholarship awarded by the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa to study school systems in more than ten developed countries helped him to lay the foundation to a truly international organisation.

Message by Mr. R.I.T.Alles issued in 2007

“Parents are children’s first and most lasting carers. Every parent aspires for his children to be worthy citizens. Children have a remarkable ability to learn. They want to learn to fulfil their dreams. Be it the aspirations of parents or the dreams of children, they all seek a “Gateway” to reach their goals. We strive to be that “Gateway” to our parents and children.

The four stakeholders in a school are the teachers, parents, the students and the Alumni. It is my wish and vision that these four categories will always have a sense of belonging to each other. For this, one category to the other, they should work hand in hand, always upholding a pervading sense of love and understanding.”

Gateway College Colombo

185, Koswatta Road,
(Via Parliment Road, Off Royal Gardens),
Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.
Telephone: 94 11 2888288,94 11 2888280 Fax: 94 11 2888282

Gateway College Kandy

80, Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Mawatha,
Asgiriya, Kandy
Telephone:94 81 2200300, 94 81 2200206 Fax: 94 81 2205604

Gateway College Negombo

No 62, Negombo Road, Kurana
Telephone: 94 31 2227772,94 31 2227722 Fax: 031-2227878

Gateway College Dehiwala

285/1 Galwihara Road, Dehiwala.
Telephone:94 11 5757234 Email:

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