Majestic City

Majestic City is a seven-storey commercial and shopping complex which is located in Bambalapitiya, Sri Lanka, near the Bambalapitiya Railway Station. C.T. Land Development PLC is the owning company of Majestic City.The late Mr. Albert A. Page is the founder chairman of the complex. Majestic City is considered as Sri Lanka’s most sought after ‘Destination Center’ incorporating a diverse range of shopping outlets, a food zone, supermarket, children’s amusement center, banks and the popular Majestic Cineplex


Construction was completed in 1990 with contribution from Architects, The Design Group Five International (Pvt) Ltd and contractors, Tudawe Brothers Limited.


In 2008 a massive renovation was done to the Majestic city building. In 2012 the level 5 of Majestic City was refurbished and three new cinemas (Superior, Gold and Ultra) were set up including the Sri Lanka’s First 3D cinemas (Superior).


Movies & Movie Theatres

Yes, it’s the era of pirates, but still, MC’s DVD and CD shops remain in business somehow. I guess sometimes you just need to get the Blu-ray. Block Busters on the 2nd floor is one of the most popular movie shops, but there’s plenty others on the same floor as well. There’s even a music-CD shop on the 1st floor – Music Planet – with a decent range of very cheap music albums.

MC has got four movie theatres – Platinum on the 3rd floor, and Superior, Gold and Ultra on the 4th. You can book tickets for the movies playing here at TicketsLK.


The MC food court isn’t much – but it’ll do if you’re just after school or on a short work-break and want some vaguely satisfying fast food. Or when you and your friends sadly wind up here when you’re too broke to go anywhere else. The food court, which is below the ground floor, has got Magic Corn, Lil’ Orbits, Elephant House and Roots for snack-ey stuff, and for rice & curry – Thai Express, Mongolian BBQ, Spicy Chef, Malaysian Food, Vilasa Cottage and Great Lantern, for pizza – there’s Pizza Hut and Peppers, and also Star Hot Dogs and KFC. Just outside the food court is also PG Martin Wonderworld & Toyshop where you can leave your kids in a big, old fashioned, plastic-ey play pen. There’s also food on the ground floor – shorteats at The Fab, or sit in at the main KFC near the doors.

Interesting Finds

Kiddies Corner is not exactly an ‘interesting find’ since we’ve all known of its existence on MC’s ground floor for ages, but it’s still cool – you get a bunch of teddy bears, loads of dolls, some drones, a few interesting action figures and the occasional Batman mask here. Speaking of masks, we found quality Avengers masks like the Hulk and Iron Man at on the 2nd floor.


Bags, Watches, Perfumes & Gifts

Exclusive Lines on the ground floor is the most popular perfume store in the building, featuring designer perfume like DKNY and Ralph Lauren – and next to it is its contemporary The Parfumerie. The ground floor also has fragrances at Senses. Shop for watches at The Watchhouse and Best Buy on the 1st floor, and World of Watches and The Watch Center on the 2nd. Skyfi on the 2nd floor has bags, while there’s an even wider luggage collection at Samsonite on the 1st floor.

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