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Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara

Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara (also known as Mulgirigala Raja Maha Vihara) is an ancient Buddhist temple in Mulkirigala, Sri Lanka. It has been built on a 205 m (673 ft) high natural rock, surrounded with another four rocks known as Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala and Seelawathiegala. The temple site is located about 2 km (1.2 mi) from the Mulkirigala junction and can be reached from either Dikwella or Tangalle towns. The temple has been formally recognised by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka. The designation was declared on 8 April 1988 under the government Gazette number 501.

Temple layout

Lower Vihara Compound

The site consists of seven viharas and has been constructed within five compounds known as Siyambalamaluwa, lower vihara compound, Bomaluwa, Rajamaha vihara compound, and upper Vihara compound.

  • Siyambalamaluwa, which comprises the museum, lower temple and the rest house.
  • Lower Vihara compound consists of the Raja Maha Viharaya, tombs, Seemamalakaya, Monastery and Paduma Rahath Viharaya. Paduma Rahath Vihara contains the largest reclining Buddha image of the Vihara. There is also a small painted pagoda found inside the cave. Additionally an information centre has been established in this terrace.
  • Bomaluwa, which consists mainly of the Vesak hall compound, Majjhima Nikaya cave (Bhanaka cave), Viharagal rock inscription (6-7 Century), and Bomaluwa (Bo tree terrace).
  • The Raja Maha Vihara compound contains the Piriniwan Manchakaya, Raja Maha Viharaya, Aluth Viharaya, Naga Viharaya, pond, rock inscription (12 Century), lamp post and Diyagoda Etha Viharaya. A rock inscription found in this compound reveals the ancient name of the temple as Muhundgiri Vihara.
  • Dethispala Bodhiya, attendant Bodhiya, Garandi Kapolla, Chaitya, bell tower, pond and horizon valley can be seen in upper vihara compound. Dethispala Bodhiya is believed to be one of 32 sapling, brought from Anuradhapura where the original Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is situated.

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