K. S. Raja

K. S. Raja  also spelled K. S. Rajah  full name Kandiah Sriskandarajah was a very popular Radio Ceylon radio announcer from Sri Lanka. He was popular with his audiences in both Sri Lanka and in Tamil Nadu in India. During the course of the Sri Lankan civil war, he was killed by EPDP given poison in 1996


He was born in a town called Theldeniya (see here) in the [Kandy District to upper class minority Sri Lankan Tamilparents and grew up in Kotatadi, Jaffna. His father was a doctor and had three sisters and a brother. His two sisters are surgeons and the brother Somas a famous architect. He entered university to do engineering but dropped out to be a radio announcer.

Career in Radio Ceylon

He was a pioneering announcer in the Tamil language known for his melodious voice and innovative programs. His programs were popular in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

His death

After the 1983 Black July anti-minority pogrom he briefly moved to India and was involved with the Tamil militant group Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF).Subsequent to the Indo-Sri Lanka peace accord in 1987, he returned to his former job in Radio Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.With the resumption of hostilities between the government of Sri Lanka and the main rebel group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) he was abducted by unknown persons and found murdered in a Colombo beach.

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