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Sirisena Wimalaweera

Sirisena Wimalaweera (c.1900–1963) was an early Sri Lankan director. He made some of the first Sinhala films after the industry was begun by B. A. W. Jayamanne’s Kadawunu Poronduwa.
He made his first film Amma in 1949 . His second feature Seedevi was produced the following year. His other films include Pittisara Kella (1953), Sardiel (1954) and Podi Putha (1956).Wimalaweera’s films attempted to stay true to Sinhala history and culture and are considered a step forward in Sinhala cinema. Due to his indefatigable efforts a film studio named NAWAJEEWANA was built in Kirbathgoda, Kelaniya. His style and techniques were similar to Jayamanne’s work however and Wimalaweera didn’t receive critical approval.


Sirisena Wimalaweera was an early Sri Lankan film director, producer, lyricist. He was a man of good knowledge about different languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu,etc. Mr.wimalaweera was born in Tangalle. At the age of eleven, he travelled to India with his uncle to study Ayurvedic medicine. But, unfortunately, he got the idea of doing drama. Later, Wimalaweera came back to Sri Lanka and did many dramas and went back to India to direct the film Amma in 1949 and Sidevi in 1951. Then he returned to Sri Lanka and built the first film studio.
He continued his film career by directing many films such as Pitisera Kella and Saradeyal in 1954, Podi Putha in 1955, Asoka in 1957, Ekamath Eka Rataka in 1958, Ma Alaya Kala Tharuniya in 1959, and many more. He also received an award for best film Podi Putha in 1956. He himself introduced many actors and singers too. In 1963,June 22 he died.


However, he was able to pass on his abilities to his two sons Daya wimalaweera and Upasena Wimalaweera. Daya wimalaweera is himself a popular film director, cameraman, script writer and also a producer. Upesena wimalaweera is also a sound engineer and editor.

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