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T. B. Ilangaratne

Tikiri Bandara Ilangaratne (27 February 1913 – 21 May 1992) was a Sri Lankan politician, author, dramatist, and theater actor he was Member of Parliament for Kandy, Galaha, Hewaheta and Kolonnawa in Colombo district. He served as the Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister of Labour, Housing,Social Services, Finance,Commerce, Food, Trade and Shipping and in other government positions in a career spanning three decades. He was the mastermind behind the Employees’ Provident Fund, Petroleum and insurance corporations and the People’s Bank (Sri Lanka) in Sri Lanka while in office. As a writer, Ilangaratne is best known for writing Amba Yahaluwo (1957), a popular children’s novel.

His novels Tilaka Saha Tilaka, Lasanda and Nedeyo have been adapted into movies. Amba Yahaluwo was made into a television serial.

Life and career

Early life

Ilangaratne was born on 27 February 1913 in Tumpane, Hataraliyadda,Waligodapola, Sri Lanka. He began attending school in 1917 at Galagedera Vidyalaya  and received his secondary education from St. Anthony’s College. Ilangaratne wrote three plays while in school (Akikaru Putha, Himin Himin and Anda Nanda).

After leaving school, Ilangaratne passed a London exam and started working as a clerical officer for the government. In 1941, he tried his hands at acting playing King Dhatusena in the play of the same name by Gunasila Witanansa. On September 4, 1944, Ilangaratne married Tamara Kumari Aludeniya in Gampola.[3] Mrs. Ilangaratne was Ex Member of Parliament for Kandy and Galagedara.

Government Service

In 1947, Ilangaratne left his post as clerical officer and ran successfully as an independent socialist candidate for the Kandy Parliament. He was sworn in on May 18, 1948 beginning a three-decade long career in the Sri Lankan government. While in office, Ilangaratne helped create the Employee’s Provident Fund, the National Bank, and Labor day in Sri Lanka among other things. In 1974 he served as acting prime minister. Ilangaratne retired from politics on April 12, 1986.



  • Amba Yahaluwo
  • Shishyathwaya
  • Wilambeetha
  • Thilaka
  • Thilaka Ha Thilaka
  • Hapana
  • Nodaruwo saha daruwo
  • Nayana
  • Lokanthaya
  • Mangala
  • Mangala Poruwa
  • Delowa sihina
  • Ambalama
  • Malsarava
  • Vilasithavo
  • Nadayo
  • Yugayaka Gamana


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