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Kamal Addararachchi


Kamal Addararachchi was born Addararachchige Gunendra Kamal on February 5, 1962 is an award-winning Sri Lankan film and teledrama actor, singer and presenter. He made his debut as an actor in Gamini Fonseka’s 1981 film Sagarayak Meda, when he was a still a student at school. Since the late 1970s, he has appeared in a variety of roles in many films and teledramas. Addararachchi, who has acted in over 40 films, 20 teledramas and 6 stage plays up to now,won the Sarasaviya Best Actor Award for his role of Sobana in Agnidahaya in 2002.He also made a mark as a singer in 1993 with “Unmadawoo,” a duet between him and Damayanthi Jayasooriya featured in the film Saptha Kanya. He was also the host of the first three seasons of Sirasa Superstar contest, a reality show, and first season of Hiru Mega Stars as well.


He showed an initial interest in artistic work, and this prompted him to do music, sinhala literature, Kandyan Dancing and debating, all at the same time. He even worked as the secretary of the ‘Sinhala Literary Society’ at school. He is married to Anurani Addararachchi and has one son. He is a renowned English teacher as well.



The play, Ane Ablick, was staged in Colombo in 1978, which marked Kamal’s first real encounter with the public theatre. Addararachchi, who broke into the silver screen with Gamini Fonseka’s Sagarayak Meda rose to immense popularity with hits such as Saptha Kanya. He is noted for his performances in films such as Saptha Kanya by late H.D. Premaratne, Agnidahaya by Jayantha Chandrasiri and teldramas like Hiruta Muvaven by Herbert Ranjith Peiris, Rathu Rosa by Ranjan De Silva, and Weda Hamine and Dandubasna Maanaya by Jayantha Chandrasiri.His performance on the mini screen for Dandubasna Maanaya was twice rewarded at the inaugural Sumathi Tele Awards ceremony in 1995, when he picked up, both, the award for the Best Supporting Actor as well as the Most Popular Actor Award that year. Kamal consider Dinal Samaranake a leading player as his mentor who was always prepared to offer valuable advice for himself especially when his spirits are down. Kamal was arguably the best actor among the younger generation. In July 2012, he appeared his first Music Video (Not a movie song), with fellow mates Mahendra Perera and with Dayan Vitharana, for the song titled Hithagaawa – by Tilan Fernando Directed by Prasanna Andradi. Music Video released in first week of December 2012.

He has not been in teledramas 10 years since 2005.



Controversy has surrounded Addararachchi over the years ranging from accusations of rape to murder.In 1997 he was accused of the abduction and rape of a young girl.He was briefly jailed, but freed on appeal. In 2002, Addararachchi was again accused and convicted of imprisoning and raping a teenage girl. He was sentenced to ten years in jail by a High Court judge; this decision was also overruled.Ramani Bartholomeusz, an actress and contestant of the miss universe pageant was murdered on June 30, 1987 at the age of 21. She was in a relationship with actor Kamal Addararachchi at the time. The circumstances were suspicious enough that Addararachchi was charged with her murder, although he was acquitted of the crime.In July 2012, Police undercover unit seized a brothel in Narahenpita and arrested few Thai women. It was reported that Addararachchi was present at the premises when the raid was conducted. Police said the actor had fled the location and they were now searching for him.Later, Addararachchi rejected the accusation as just a verbal attack to discredit him.



1995 – Sumathi Best Supporting Actor Award
1995 – Sumathi Most Popular Actor Award
1996 – Best Supporting Actor Presidential Award
2002 – Sarasaviya Best Actor Award



Year Film no Film Role
1981 488 Sagarayak Mada
1982 537 Paramitha
1983 548 Kaliyugaya
1988 674 Gedara Budun Amma Ruwan
1991 718 Paradise
1993 782 Saptha Kanya Akhil Ruwanwalla
1995 831 Maruthaya
1995 836 Awaragira Dayaweera
1996 860 Loku Duwa[ Duminda
1996 864 Bithu Sithuwam
1997 880 Mahamera Usata
1997 886 Bawa Karma Appu
1998 895 Sathutai Kirula Ape Shane
2001 953 Kinihiriya Mal
2002 976 Seethala Gini Kandu
2002 978 Kalu Sudu Mal
2002 990 Salelu Warama Suren Galappaththi
2002 996 Agnidahaya Sobana
2004 1041 Mille Soya Maxi
2004 1045 Randiya Dahara Captain Samantha Weerasuriya
2005 1048 Asani Warsha Sanjeeva Godakumbura
2005 1050 Guerilla Marketing Thisara Dissanayake
2006 1070 Samaara Kalana
2006 1074 Rana Hansi
2006 1080 Sewwandi Pradeep
2012 1169 Maatha
2012 Light in the Yellow Breathing Space short film
2012 1177 Colour
2013 1199 Doni Senaka Gunawardena
2014 1213 Thanha Rathi Ranga Chandare
2015 1238 Address Na Sathgunawath Pinsara


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